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Medidas para el análisis y valoración de potenciales

Assessment means in general the evaluation of potentials to meet certain requirements. The measurement will be tailor–made according to the variety and the quality of the specific demands.

In-depth interview

In an 1-on-1 talk , all the experiences someone has made in his past will be discussed, as well as his current situation and his ideas about his future. Its not to complete a prepared questionnaire in a question-answer game. Its more about discussing important issues and work related problems in detail to get the whole picture of the basic motivation and values and not only of strengths and shortcomings.

Standardized Tests

Obtaining results in general intelligence or other specific psychometric dimensions do not help that much. There are a couple of standardized tests focusing on the more complex intellectual requirements which are crucial for managers to work successfully and which are validated for this reference group like the HBRI (Hogan Business Reasoning Report) or the GMA (Graduate and Managerial Assessment).

There are a lot more personality tests purpose-built for leadership potential in the market. Since 2006 I am licensed to work with the Hogan Personality Assessments.

360º- Assessment

Performance-appraisal data is collected from “all around” a manager, normally peers, subordinates, supervisors and also internal and external customers. The results of these confidential surveys are tabulated in scales and comments composed in leadership dimensions. Interpretation of the results, trends and themes are discussed and matched with the participants own point of view to work out training and development needs.

Assessment Center

The candidate has to work on tasks which are typical for the respective position and therefore reflect its specific requirements. While doing so, he will be assessed in the crucial criteria by trained observers. An Assessment Center can be run also for a single participant candidate but in this case there must be opportunities given to evaluate him in social situations like meetings, interviews etc.

The simulation of typical work situations and the analysis focused on the actual behaviour allows to give a very detailed and individual feedback. It’s the best measure to evaluate leadership potential particularly when Interviews and Tests are included.

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