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The huge variety of consulting issues in the area of management and organizational development can be shown best by giving real examples:

Developing a new organizational structure

The German leader in excavators of a special size decided to conquer the global market and therefore searched for the best structure and team to achieve it. There was a lot of trust in the knowledge and potential of the existing execu­tive team, so the manager were asked to develop the structure and project schedule themselves.

In a series of moderated Workshops this vision turned into a concrete activity plan with all the requirements and needs clearly defined.

To get the teamwork started after a Merger

The size of a division in an international bank had doubled up to 40 people. The new boss was in search for a way to get together his staff in an informative as much as pleasurably way.

All met for one day in a hotel. In a mixture of activities, presentations and roundtable discussions in changing groups they got to know each other and checked what they had in common.

Improving the collaboration on crucial interfaces

A complete corporate reorganization had left three regional health offices with problems and confusion in their interactions. Due to the lack of budget, the principal objective had been to find a very short and efficient way to start the solution process and to motivate and commit the involved persons for the execution.

During a one-day-meeting, the whole staff of these three health offices identified and prioritized the crucial activities and designated the responsible executors.

Implementation of a new performance appraisal system

A Health Insurance wanted to develop and introduce a new appraisal system, valid for the whole staff. The aim was to achieve the most comparability and impartiality possible.

In discussions with representative members of the company a form was created with relevant areas to complete, a list of criteria with scale, a manual and a short training program for the user.

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