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My approach

My approach is definitely shaped by Humanism and the scientific psychology but also insights of the analytic and systemic therapy have a great impact. I do not follow exclusively any specific theory or trend.

Every person determines with his active and passive behaviour the conditions in which he lives. He is born with certain dispositions which are quite stable but are influenced since the day of birth by environmental factors. Changes are possible, if ways, means and resources are known and – this is the conditio sine qua non- if the willpower is given. Depending on how strongly behaviour patterns are related to basic character traits, it will take time and effort to achieve sustainable changes.

This motivation to wholeheartedly wish the modifications is crucial for the success as it is shown by the known “hound who has to be carried to the chase”. If there is no will, patience or time neither within the customer nor the client, a strong focus on the “best fit” and less on developmental measures like Coaching will work better.

There is no unique method, the ideal mode is tailor-made. Depending on the current issue, an In-depth-Interview, a Personality and/or a Cognitive Test, an Assessment Center or a mixture of it could be the appropriate way i.e. to evaluate a defined potential.
Every measure will be closely coordinated with the client and adapted to current circumstances.

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