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A dense network of consultants and experts

According to the current project focus and size, I am able to draw on a dense network of consultants. Working together closely with different experts with their specific style and emphasis is very enriching to me.

I cooperate on a regular basis with the following consultancies:

  • Metaberatung GmbH

    Since 2006 I work closely together with Dr. Rainer Neubauer and his staff of Metaberatung on diverse projects of Leadership assessments and follow-up actions.
    As a member of his team, I am particularly involved in global measures, run by him and his affiliates.

  • RHR International, LLP

    Since more than 60 years, RHR International supports worldwide companies at top management level with focus on Hi-Po Selection and Development, Teambuilding, Succession Planning, Coaching and CEO/Board-Alignment. It is particularly known for its work in Management Due Diligence and Executive Integration.

  • Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc.

    The Hogan Assessment Systemsä is the market leader in the prediction of management and leadership potential. It also identifies via online-testing per­sona­lity-based performance risks and core values and preferences.

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