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Developmental programs in groups

Assessment, Coaching, Training

Aiming to accomplish clearly defined developmental goals, the best and most enduring results can be achieved with developmental programs which

  • Integrate the advantages of certain measures like Assessment Center, Coaching, Training
  • Benefit from different persons and their views involved
  • Use the social dynamics in the group to learn
  • Offer opportunities for new experiences and trials of new behaviour.

The core element is giving direct, detailed and differentiated feed­back followed by opportunities to act in a different way.

What are the characteristics of a complete developmental program?

A consistent team of participants, ...

A group up to 12 participants meets in regular intervals over a fixed period for a couple of days.

...+ New contents,...

During the meetings new topics in Leadership themes or current business issues are discussed. Inputs to help to conquer the project requirements can be given.

This can be accomplished by training elements, role plays, moderated panel discussions, presentations etc.

Integrate the advantages of certain measures like Assessment center, Coaching, Training

...+ an important project parallel to the meetings,...

Being responsible for the success of the project is an ideal catalyst to initiate the true group dynamics. Therefore it should treat an important problem, not to be only something “nice to have”. The solution should be presented directly in the top executive board. For the company it is ideal to take advantage of the potential of the group. The participants get to now the company from another perspective. For the mentors involved it is a perfect occasion to coach on a concrete level.

...+ in-house mentors or coaches,...

Executive Manager of the company receive an practice oriented coaching training & preparation for their job in the program. To qualify top level manager in personal development issues is a very pleasant side effect.
At the beginning of the program, every coach/mentor starts with an assessment of “his” participant and a clear setting of objectives.
The coach achieves supervision from the external moderator and continuously feedback from the whole group of mentors.

...+ fireside chats with CEO or other board member

In a quite informal and relaxed surrounding, a member of the executive board can discuss a current or strategic problem of his own choice.
The participants of the program feel free to ask him everything what they ever wanted to know.

Figure Developmental Program

Kick off* 1-1,5 years Presentation
Work on the Project off the meetings
Meeting with boss
1. meeting 2. meeting ... x meeting Final meeting
Training Training
On-boarding Discussion Discussion Final Feedback
Assessment start project Work on project Coaching
Start Coaching Coaching Coaching Fireside chat
Fireside chat Fireside chat Fireside chat Project results
Mentor / Coach - Participant - Boss
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