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I am Susanne Nannsen

Susanne Nannsen. Teeth psicóloga

Since 1988 I am working as a consultant focusing on Leadership potential in selection and development, centred in Germany and Spain.

The key issue of my work as a psychologist is the fundamental question of the interaction of personality and environment: How can I help my client to act the most efficiently and successfully in his specific work field with all his gifts and what is he willing to exert?

My professional experience in different areas and hierarchical levels enables me to find an answer. For some years I have been focusing on top executive levels.



Developmental programs


Every Assessment aims at describing the quantity and/or quality of certain capabilities and even its potential in order to match them with future require­ments.

Does the current profile of an executive meet the future requirements and if not, was is to be done?

In a selection process- What candidate will succeed later in a certain position and what behaviour should he mind to be successful in the long run?

This is an intense and effective way to work on developmental objectives that are relevant and meaningful to the participant and to discuss profoundly and confidentially all personal and job related matters.

How should a Coaching be set up to really achieve the objectives in time but also enduring?

How can someone be or become aware of destructive behaviour patterns and how can he change them?

Will the perfect “fire-fighter” also be able to lead successfully in times of need to move on to new pastures?

En los Programas de desarrollo en equipos se trabaja no solo en el análisis del potencial individual y del equipo sino también se puede aprovechar la dinámica social para el desarrollo personal.

¿Cuáles son los high potentials de la empresa y como se pueden aunar y formar de forma eficaz e útil?

El ámbito del RRHH se caracteriza por cambios permanentes, sean inducidos por reestructuraciones organizacionales, nuevas leyes (p.e. La Charter de la Diversidad), cambios en el mercado o el intento general de mejorar continuamente la calidad en el trabajo.

A parte de los modelos técnicos es muy importante de encontrar las medidas de introducción e implementación adecuadas para que lucren la aceptación más alta posible en toda la plantilla.

© Susanne Nannsen
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